ORIENT is devised to handle all kinds of data for all kinds of tasks in connection with photogrammetric point determination


ORIENT solves also very special problems using generally formulated methods.


ORIENT was tested at hands of many practical projects proving its practicability in many various applications.


ORIENT is a modular program system. Each module is devoted to a specific general task. The modules may be scheduled in any order. Each module is controlled by a directive, whose name equals the module's name and whose parameters specify in detail the task to be done.


ORIENT - in general - is controlled interactively by directives using terms well known to photogrammetrists. The directives allow for command procedures as well as for batch jobs.


ORIENT does not depend on a special input format or on a special co-ordinate system. Of course, also the output formats are adaptable. The language is close to the photogrammetrist's.


ORIENT uses a consistent terminology easy to follow in spite of its complexity and universality.


ORIENT is written in FORTRAN and has been successfully installed on various computers as documented in the attached list of installations.


ORIENT is protected externally by the directive analyser DIRAN and internally by self controlling error detection routines. Long experiences with newcomers proofed that it is almost impossible to embarrass ORIENT.


ORIENT under DIRAN tolerates abbreviations of keywords as long as uniqueness is granted. Numerous possibilities of requests for informations assist the operator.


ORIENT allows graphical inspection of accuracy and reliability as resulting from adjustment.


ORIENT can be used by beginners as well as by professionals, offering a userguidance system in ten levels of experience, at first with many, later with less and less instructions.

Progressively more and more possibilities are offered up to the most sophisticated ones. The experience level can be raised or lowered by the operator at any time.