Data Classes


Fig. 2: Classes of data to be adjusted in ORIENT


Data in ORIENT is organized in two kinds of "data rooms":

  • parameter rooms,
  • observation rooms.


Known parameters may be treated as constants or as observations. Unknown parameters are to be determined by rigorous least squares adjustment of observations.

Within the "rooms" data is organized as "points" having

  • an identifier (numerical),
  • up to 6 "co-ordinates" (e.g. X, Y, Z, Sigmax, Sigmay, Sigmaz),
  • a "status word", controlling activity or inactivity for the actual process.


For data input into the data-rooms a graphical editor is available; it supports

  • input of points via a digitizer-tablet, as well as
  • re-measuring of some points at a later time (e.g. in the case of previous errors)
  • ORPHEUS as digital multi-image comparator