Talks and Poster Presentations (without Proceedings-Entry)

  1. M. Bruggisser, M. Hollaus, D. Wang, W. Karel, J. Otepka, N. Pfeifer, G. Bronner:
    "Impact of Acquisition Characteristics of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle LiDAR Missions on the Quality of Derived Forest Metrics";
    Talk: SilviLaser 2019, Iguazu Falls, Brazil; 2019-10-08 - 2019-10-10. BibTeX,

  2. M. Hollaus, W. Karel, N. Pfeifer, G. Mandlburger:
    "Studying Tree Growth Based on Multi-Temporal ALS Data";
    Poster: SilviLaser 2019, Iguazu Falls, Brazil; 2019-10-08 - 2019-10-10. BibTeX,

  3. M. Hollaus, W. Karel, N. Pfeifer, M. Bruggisser, M. Wieser, M. Bremer, M. Rutzinger, D. Wang, G. Bronner:
    "Unmanned Aerial System LiDAR data as basis for in-situ forest inventories";
    Talk: 255th IUFRO World Congress (IUFRO 2019), Curtiba, Brazil; 2019-09-29 - 2019-10-05. BibTeX,

  4. G. Mandlburger:
    "State-of-the-art and Current Trends in Airborne Lidar - From Mere Scanning to Hybrid Multipurpose 3D Data Acquisition";
    Talk: Intergeo 2019, Stuttgart, Germany (invited); 2019-09-17 - 2019-09-19. BibTeX, More information

  5. G. Mandlburger:
    "Evaluation of Single Photon and waveform LiDAR";
    Keynote Lecture: Workshop on Evaluation and Benchmarking of Sensors, Systems and Geospatial Data in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Warsaw, Poland (invited); 2019-09-16 - 2019-09-17. BibTeX, More information

  6. G. Mandlburger:
    "Modern LIDAR sensor technologies";
    Talk: 57th Photogrammetric Week, Stuttgart, Germany (invited); 2019-09-09 - 2019-09-13. BibTeX,

  7. G. Mandlburger:
    "Erfassung von 3D-Punktwolken - Methoden, Sensoren, Orientierung und Vorverarbeitung";
    Talk: Vermessung aktuell: Punktwolken - und was jetzt?, Innsbruck (invited); 2019-09-03. BibTeX, More information

  8. R. Perko, M. Schardt, L. Piermattei, S. Auer, P. Roth:
    "Multiple view geometry in remote sensing: An empirical study based on Pleiades satellite images";
    Poster: IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2019 (IGARSS 2019), Yokohama, Japan; 2019-07-28 - 2019-08-02. BibTeX,

  9. A. Kollert, M. Rutzinger, M. Bremer, M. Hollaus, N. Pfeifer, M. Bruggisser, B. Bauer-Marschallinger, K. Hagen, K. Schadauer, K. Gartner, C. Bauerhansl, M. Löw:
    "Automated Area-Wide Tree Species Mapping Based on Sentinel-2 Imagery: Influence of Topography and Forest Structure on Classification Quality";
    Poster: ESA Living Planet Symposium 2019, Milan, Italy; 2019-05-13 - 2019-05-17. BibTeX,

  10. A. Martinez-Agirre, J. Álvarez-Mozos, M. Milenkovic, N. Pfeifer, R. Giménez:
    "Multi-temporal TLS measurements for agricultural soil surface roughness analysis";
    Poster: ESA Living Planet Symposium 2019, Milan, Italy; 2019-05-13 - 2019-05-17. BibTeX,

  11. W. Karel, F. Remondino, N. Pfeifer:
    "Fehleranalyse von Punktbeobachtungenin schrägen Luftbildern";
    Talk: Dreiländertagung der OVG, DGPF und SGPF: Photogrammetrie - Fernerkundung - Geoinformation - 2019, Wien; 2019-02-20 - 2019-02-22. BibTeX,

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