Contributions to Books

  1. N. Pfeifer, G. Mandlburger, P. Glira:
    in: "Handbuch der Geodäsie: Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung", C. Heipke (ed.); Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 2016, ISBN: 978-3-662-47093-0, 431 - 481. BibTeX,

  2. E. Schmaltz, S. Steger, R. Bell, T. Glade, R. van Beek, T. Bogaard, D. Wang, M. Hollaus, N. Pfeifer:
    "Exploring possibilities of including detailed ALS derived biomass information into physically-based slope stability models at regional scale";
    in: "Landslides and Engineered Slopes. Experience, Theory and Practice", S. Aversa, L. Cascini, L. Picarelli, C. Scavia (ed.); CRC Press, 2016, ISBN: 978-1-138-02988-0, 1807 - 1815. BibTeX,

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