Contributions to Books

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    "Real-time data collection and information generation using airborne sensors";
    in: "Geospatial Information Technology for Emergency Response", issued by: ISPRS; Taylor & Francis, 2008, (invited), ISBN: 978-0-415-42247-5, 43 - 74. BibTeX,

  2. G. Kiraly, G. Brolly, M. Attwenger:
    "Transformation of Coordinates into a Common European Reference System";
    in: "Spatial Information Systems for Transnational Environmental Management of Protected Areas and Regions in the Central European Space", Rhombos-Verlag, Berlin, 2008, ISBN: 978-3-941216-01-3, 15 - 27. BibTeX,

  3. N. Pfeifer, J. Böhm:
    "Early stages of LiDAR data processing";
    in: "Advances in Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences; 2008 ISPRS Congress Book.", issued by: ISPRS; Taylor & Francis, 2008, (invited), ISBN: 978-0-415-47805-2, 169 - 184. BibTeX,

  4. N. Pfeifer, G. Mandlburger:
    "Filtering and DTM Generation";
    in: "Topographic Laser Ranging and Scanning: Principles and Processing", J. Shan, C. Toth (ed.); CRC Press, 2008, (invited), ISBN: 9781420051421, 307 - 333. BibTeX, More information

  5. T. Podobnikar, B. Székely:
    "Poskus analize potencialno nevarnih vrsajev z DMR-jem / An attempt of analysis of the potential hazardous detrital cones (fans and talus cones) with DTM";
    in: "Geografski informacijski sistemi v Sloveniji 2007-2008", Zalozba ZRC, Ljubljana, 2008, ISBN: 978-961-254-082-1, 73 - 81. BibTeX,

  6. M. Rutzinger, B. Höfle, N. Pfeifer:
    "Object detection in airborne laser scanning data - an integrative approach on object-based image and point cloud analysis";
    in: "Object-Based Image Analysis - Spatial concepts for knowledge-driven remote sensing applications", Springer, Berlin, 2008, ISBN: 9783540770572, 645 - 662. BibTeX, More information

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