2 Geo4Women Summer Jobs

In order to increase the share of women in our Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation (GEO) we are offering two Geo4Women summer jobs to female students who are interested in the research activities currently carried out within our research divisions.
Das monatliche Mindestgehalt für diese Verwendung beträgt derzeit EUR 1.587,45 (14x jährlich).

The department consists of seven research divisions:

  • Remote Sensing
  • Geoinformation
  • Geophysics
  • Higher Geodesy
  • Engineering Geodesy
  • Cartography
  • Photogrammetry

You will support one of the teams in specific research projects. Please see the divisions’ websites for reference about current projects. We ask you to write a short proposal, motivating the choice of the area, project, and specific topic you would be most interested working on. Details of the tasks will be defined upon the start of the contract based on your qualifications and interests.

We offer

  • two part-time summer jobs for two months each (30 hours per week)
  • a work space in our department
  • access to our data and infrastructure
  • flexible working hours, a stimulating and friendly working environment and a motivated team.

Please apply if you are

  • female
  • a bachelor or master student in the fields of geodesy, geoinformation, geosciences or similar disciplines
  • familiar with the data we're working with and/or projects we're involved in
  • confident that your technical and programming expertise (e.g., python or Matlab) fit our needs.

The application should include:

  • a motivation letter including the division/project/topic you would like to contribute to
  • your CV, including information on your experience in the field of your choice.

Bewerbungen schriftlich oder per Mail an das oben angeführte Institut.
Institutsadresse: Department für Geodäsie und Geoinformation, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8/E120-1, 1040 Wien
Mailadresse für Bewerbungen: contact@geo.tuwien.ac.at Kontaktperson für Rückfragen: Prof. Johannes Böhm
Bewerbungsfrist: 02.04.2020
Die Bewerber und Bewerberinnen haben keinen Anspruch auf Abgeltung angefallener Reise- und Aufenthaltskosten, die aus Anlass des Aufnahmeverfahrens entstanden sind.

 March 12, 2020

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