OPALS 2.1.5 released

We are pleased to announce the release of OPALS version 2.1.5. You can download the binaries and the documentation from:


Main features:

  • new module: ICP: The aim of opalsICP is to perform the orientation (co-registration) of multiple point cloud datasets using the Iterative Closest Point algorithm.
  • new module: Rasterize: Aim of this module is to create a raster file out of an ODM file.
  • Wild card support: Modules capable of dealing with multiple input datasets (i.e. Vector) now support wild cards (*,?). The following modules support wild card input: Module Import , Module Export , Module Algebra, Module AddInfo, Module Histo and Module ICP
  • New OPALS Common Parameter lineBufferedScreenLog. If true, then the screen log stream (stdout) is flushed each time a log message has been emitted. This is useful for watching progress when stdout has been redirected to a file.
  • Module Grid and Module Cell: Output of multiple features in a single multi-band raster file enabled (parameter multiband)
  • Module Info: The module now also reports statistics about grid/raster data sets.
  • bug fixes + improvements

The complete release notes are available at

Please send your feedback (bug reports, etc.) to: opals@geo.tuwien.ac.at
 July 3, 2015