WACMOS Workshop - Project feedback to science community and water cycle roadmap in a changing climate

You are cordially invited to attend the workshop on “WACMOS Project feedbackto science community and water cycle roadmap in a changing climate” at ViennaUniversity of Technology, on 3 April 2011 (just before EGU 2011).

The agenda is available here.

The WACMOS project was motivated by both the increasing potential that the
synergistic capabilities of past, existing and coming EO missions, in situ
data and models may offer to the water cycle scientific community as well as
the increasing needs for coherent long-term geo-information datasets required
by scientists, modelers and operational institutions.

The primary objectives of the WACMOS project are to explore, develop and
validate a number of novel multi-mission based methods and geo-information
products that may exploit the synergies offered by current ESA and non-ESA
data in support of the GEWEX community. In particular, the project addressed
four main topics:

• Evapotranspiration;
• Soil moisture;
• Clouds relevant products: Surface solar irradiance and precipitation; and
• Water vapour.
The results of the project will be presented to the science community at this
workshop. The workshop will:
• Present the results of the WACMOS project to the GEWEX community;
• Promote the evaluation of the results and the collection of feedback from
the scientific community;
• Identify synergies with existing projects and relevant initiatives;
• Identify further scientific developments and needs in order to enhance,
improve, consolidate or expand the results of the project;
• Identify new areas of activities that may represent a basis for future ESA
activities in support of the GEWEX community.

In addition to the presentation related to what has been achieved in the
WACMOS project, recent significant international initiatives will be
presented by invited experts and a roadmap for future actions will be

Register at: http://wacmos.itc.nl/?q=node/21 for logistic support (free lunch
and coffee breaks).
Diego Fernandez (ESA) and Peter van Oevelen (GEWEX)
 March 8, 2011