Publications in Scientific Journals

  1. E. Bollmann, R. Sailer, C. Briese, J. Stötter, P. Fritzmann:
    "Potential of airborne laser scanning for geomorphologic feature and process detection and quantifications in high alpine mountains";
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  2. C. Briese, N. Höggerl, E. Imrek, J. Otter, D. Ruess:
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  3. M. Doneus, G. Verhoeven, M. Fera, C. Briese, M. Kucera, W. Neubauer:
    "From Deposit to Point Cloud - a Study of Low-Cost Computer Vision Approaches for the Straightforward Documentation of Archaeological Excavations";
    Geoinformatics CTU FCE, 6 (2011), 8 pages.BibTeX, More information

  4. P. Dorninger, B. Székely, A. Zámolyi, A. Roncat:
    "Automated Detection and Interpretation of Geomorphic Features in LiDAR Point Clouds";
    Österreichische Zeitschrift für Vermessung und Geoinformation (VGI), begutachteter Beitrag, 99 (2011), 2; 60 - 69.BibTeX, More information

  5. P. Fritzmann, B. Höfle, M. Vetter, R. Sailer, J. Stötter, E. Bollmann:
    "Surface classification based on multi-temporal airborne LiDAR intensity data in high mountain environments A case study from Hintereisferner, Austria";
    Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, 55 (2011), Suppl. 2; 105 - 126.BibTeX,

  6. M. Hollaus, C. Aubrecht, B. Höfle, K. Steinnocher, W. Wagner:
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    Remote Sensing (invited), 3 (2011), 3; 503 - 523.BibTeX, More information

  7. A. Jochem, M. Hollaus, M. Rutzinger, B. Höfle:
    "Estimation of Aboveground Biomass in Alpine Forests: A Semi-Empirical Approach Considering Canopy Transparency Derived from Airborne LiDAR Data";
    Sensors, 11 (2011), 278 - 295.BibTeX, More information

  8. P. Meiling, G. Esser, N. Pfeifer, J. Rosvall:
    "Optical Documentation Techniques for Condition Assessment of Facades: A Tentative Evaluation of Three Case Studies Executed in Göteborg and Vienna";
    International Journal of Architectural Heritage, 5- 2 (2011), 123 - 139.BibTeX, More information

  9. N. Pfeifer, A. Roncat, J. Stötter, M. Becht:
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    Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, 55 (2011), 2.BibTeX,

  10. A. Roncat, G. Bergauer, N. Pfeifer:
    "B-spline deconvolution for differential target cross-section determination in full-waveform laser scanning data";
    ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 66 (2011), 4; 418 - 428.BibTeX, More information

  11. M. Vetter, B. Höfle, G. Mandlburger, M. Rutzinger:
    "Estimating changes of riverine landscapes and riverbeds by using airborne LiDAR data and river cross-sections";
    Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, 55 (2011), Suppl. 2; 51 - 65.BibTeX, More information

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