RSA HELIOfloat (HELIOfloat)

2011-05-02 – 2014-04-30

The central focus is on surveying approaches for validating deformable pneumatic concentrators solar energy on floating platforms by applying photogrammetric methods. The object under investigations are deformable and dynamic, partly reflecting and transparent, exhibiting a particular challenge for measurement techniques. With the help of video cameras of sufficiently high image rate, the deformation of the concentrator parts has to be determined, together with motion patterns and motion frequency of floating parts on water surfaces, which are influenced by wind and waves. At the same time also the varying shape of the water surface need to be documented and appropriate parameters have to be provided to research partners for their modelling approach. A special focus is on exact and reliable determination of the requested quantities like parameters of shape and dynamic behaviour of the surfaces. A challenge will be the process of automation in combination with robustness of procedures, reliability and quality assurance. The work is to carried out in collaboration with partners from the field of mechanical engineering.

Project manager

Project members

  • Ewelina Rupnik


  • Institut für Energietechnik und Thermodynamik
  • Institut für Leichtbau und Struktur-Biomechanik