Full-waveform laserscanning for the archaeological prospection in wooded areas (Archäologie-Laserscanning Leithagebirge)

2006-08-01 – 2008-12-31

The identification of sites within forested areas is one of the remaining unresolved issues for archaeological prospection. Currently, archaeologists use two prospection methods for the discovery of archaeological sites: field survey and aerial archaeology. However, both methods come to their limit in forested areas. The FWF-Project ¿LIDAR-based archaeological prospection¿ tries to solve this problem. Archaeological structures should be extracted with the help of full-waveform airborne laser scanner (ALS, or LIDAR) data. For the solution of the problem interdisciplinary collaboration is necessary, because next to archaeological, technical knowledge is essential. Therefore, the Department for Prehistory and Early History of the University of Vienna cooperates with the Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing of the Vienna University of Technology. Within this co-operation the potential of full-waveform ALS data in wooded areas is analysed and different prospection methods are investigated.

Project manager

Project members

  • Werner Mücke


  • Universität Wien


  • Universität WienInstitute for Prehistory and Ealry History