Rapid Assessment Provision for Intelligent Disaster and Emergency Management (RAPIDEM)

2012-01-01 – 2012-12-31

The project RAPIDEM is aimed at the development of information products and service
structures supporting critical decision-making process in flood disaster management for the
Austrian disaster management. Time-critical data and information generation are a major factor
in the disaster management process. For ensuring an efficient support of decision processes in
different emergency situations satellite and airborne remote sensing data acquisition have to be
combined to overcome the shortcomings and restrictions.
Satellite systems combined with “in-situ” data such as images from airborne systems or existing
geo-databases provide spatial information to be generated on demand for a quick overview of
the situation. The RAPIDEM project aims to develop innovative information products based on
the existing TerraSAR-X near real-time service and the airborne multi-sensor platform prototype
“ADAM”, which has been developed within the project PUKIN, for the acquisition of optical, near
infrared and thermal data. New information products based on a combination of these different
data sources and an optimised ordering, processing and management system provide a
comprehensive and seamless service for emergency management of Austrians decision
A strong focus on interoperability and modularity ensures that the envisaged developments can
be rapidly expanded and integrated into existing systems in close coordination with the Austrian
SKKM 2020 system strategies (SKKM - National Crisis and Disaster Protection Management).
The development of information management components and a data warehouse concept for
user-friendly data access enable an efficient workflow tailored to the disaster scenarios to be
managed. The work will be based on findings and methods of the GMES – project SAFER (see
chapter 4.2) and adopt them to the specific requirements of Austrian user community
responsible for disaster management.

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