Feasiblity study for using stereo Pléiades images for deriving 3D forestparameters for the entire Alpine space region (PleiAlps)

2017-05-01 – 2018-06-30

The overall goal of PleiAlps is to study thefeasibility of using Pléiades Stereo Imagery for the entire Alpine region,which will advance the state of the art considerably in the following twoaspects. Firstly, the applicability of very high resolution satellite data willbe studied over forested mountain regions, thus considerably more challengingtopography than usually exploited. We move beyond the state of the art by notonly presenting the feasibility of performing digital surface model generationover a forest canopy, but by propagating this to products of forestry, andsystematically studying the impact of acquisition geometry on product quality. Secondly,the task of high resolution satellite image exploitation will be put in thecontext of large area coverage, i.e. the Alps. This includes the study of theimage acquisition parameters (e.g. viewing geometry) and their impact on finalproducts. Demonstrating the feasibility of such an Alpine-wide approach willpromote the exploitation of satellite images in an operational context in achallenging environment.

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  • ETH - Bereich für Wald, Schnee und Landschaft